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Oakwells Gallery


Welcome to Oakwell's Gallery. 


Pictures below show projects completed.  Some you can see the project before and after Oakwell have completed.

Put your mouse over the photo to see a description or information.  Double Click on Picture to take you to the selection of Fence Panels.


 Fence before Oakwell completed (see below for completed project)                        Feathered Edge Fence Panels with Concrete Posts & Plain Face Gravel Boards

 Paling, Curve Top, Inc Capping Fence Panels, Timber Posts                                Feathered Edge Fence Panels with Concrete Posts & Plain Face Gravel Boards                 

 fetheredge fence panels & concrete Posts                                Trellis Fence Panel - See below for closer look of this panel

 Double Paling, Curve Top, Fence Panel with Timber Posts  Trellis Fence Panels

 Paling Gate, Curve Top with Paling & Double Paling Fence Panels                                 Feathered Edge, Flat Top, Fence Panel with Concrete Posts & Rock Face Gravel Boards

 Paling, Flat Top & Curve Top, Fence Panel                                    


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